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Thomas Sparks is Haunebu II



Haunebu II is Thomas Sparks main band and so who is Thomas Sparks? Well, these days I am a  singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist /alternative historian who has been singing since before I can remember. I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, and while growing up there I was singing solos in my church at a young age, as well as participating in talent shows throughout my school years. An American classic series of events led me to the Great Northwest in 1989. In particular, the North Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. It's there (Well, I already knew I could sing ), that I picked up an acoustic guitar and started honing my skills to a competitive level.
In 2008 I was able to compile a lot of my past broken tracks, and takes cobbled together, and with a few of my newer song ideas put it together on my first Compact Disc called Lost Takes. Here's a few of my links if you might have further interest -Gimmie a like at Facebook...



www.youtube.com/thomassparks36 ,www.twitter.com/thomassparks36 ,www.reverbnation.com/thomassparks36  In 2009 and 2010 I donated my input as a field reporter to Ryan Mulligan garnering some high profile interviews with some regional,national,and international names even guest hosting the show a few times, and was simultaneously voted #1 Top Artist for over two months at the former www.mullyradio.com reaching the whole Northwest and beyond.
In 2010 I was recommended by a few fans ofwww.blindmelonforum.com to try out for Blind Melon. Well...I didn't get the job but in the process of bugging the tar out of them, I have become friends with Brad Smith whom I have considered my musical mentor for over twenty years. Imagine that,,,ME,,,getting to pitch songs to Brad Smith. Who would've thought?
On 3-07-10 I was given natonal attention when producer Tom Danhieser and host George Noory of www.coasttocoastam.com featured me as an EMERGING ARTIST!!! My former website counter ticked up steadily for like three or four days after that airtime. Thanks guys!
Moving forward to now...I have been making choice solo and duet appearances for the last couple of years while writing my next body of work. I'm calling this new project ~Zero Point~. I usually write solo but have a full a band  for local/regional gigs and even national events, I've been #1 on the Reverb Nation Rock Charts for Port Angeles for nearly 5 years!
Currently, I am residing in Santa Fe, New Mexico, attending school for a Military History Degree, recording new music, and doing patriot stuff. However, I am always on the lookout for that Next Level Gig. I am available for private and public events or collaboration efforts...If you are interested in booking  Haunebu II or Sunshower,,,CALL, SEND A SHORT TEXT MESSAGE OR WEBLINK EXPLAINING YOUR EVENT AND TO 360-670-6354.
My style and influence flow from the Almighty God and this, his amazing world, along with all my favorite influential folks like Paul McCartney, The Late Great  Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon, and my brother and musical mentor from Mississippi - Mr. Brad Smith, also from Blind Melon of course, Chris Cornell, Producers Glenn Ballard and Rick Parashar. Singer Sebastian Bach formerly of Skid Row. Classic rock bands like Heart and 10cc, Badfinger, and so many others.
As always, I will also announce any local & regional shows that I'm playing seasonally and so on. All the while trying to attain a few things I need to continue my work on new  bodies of work. It's been grueling but so worth it...Thanks for stopping in to my new spot. Check in on occasion to get the lowdown on what I'm up to. Lastly,, but not least,, thanks to all who have helped me along the way to achieve my goals in the last umpteen hundred years. You know who you are and you will not be forgotten. I hope to see you all soon. Have a great fall 2018 everyone and be safe out there!!

Very Truly Yours,

Thomas Sparks and Haunebu II 

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 You have arrived at the best little known website in cyberspace and this is your first class ticket to a variety of  music, live video on current and historical events, as well as a full compliment of pictures, documents, and live video updates on current events on a full spectrum of conspiratorial subjects. No fear here. Enjoy a peripheral perspective analysis on today's topics. Information and insights that peer into the future  possibilities. Citizen journalism is the new journalism. It's the only real journalism left! That's why I've launched a member area where everyone can, for a paltry monthly amount, gain access to all of Haunebu II's digital music and video works. Perouse through "Station 211" - My library of alternative historical files, pictures, rare photographs, PDF's, pertaining to the Nazi saucer legend, Antarctica, and any anomolous events that have taken place since that time concerning the legend of the Haunebu II. Find all your conspiratorial fancies here in one place and figure out the BIGGER picture for yourself. Submit your theories and article here through email. It is always welcome. Finally,,, also included in the member area, will be the all-new blogs and podcasts from The H2 Real Report. Get access HERE.

 Further Important Information - This site is ALL -American and respects what it means to Patriots abroad. It should be made abundantly clear that there is a difference between studying Nazi Germany and the many discrepancies in the story that the world was told about the whole of world war two and actually practicing Nazism. Beginning with Rand McNally and the outright omission in their fairy tale - " The Official History of World War Two" of the truth about  Electro-Gravitic Propulsion and other anti-gravity devices researched, and in this author's opinion flatly achieved by the most secretive factions of the SS, Nationaliste Secret Societies, and Nazi Party Scientists. The infamous Rothchild dynasty and it's various money monopolizing tentacles saw to it that what amounts to some of the most paradigm shattering information never reached the public and is still hidden from them to this very day. We here at Haunebu II understand full-well that the mental hurdles that have been put in place for the public by mainstream media outlets for 70 plus years, like the Mercury and Apollo space projects by NASA in the 1960's, have all been to confuse. In the 50's, anti-Gravity projects were a publicly popular thing, with the topic being published everywhere, that is until 1955 when western science actually figured out a few ways to achieve it. Then all of a sudden, it was never mentioned in mainstream outlets ever again. The conventional space program had filled the proverbial gap, done it's job, and numbed the minds of the people. You can research any of what is espoused here and find that it is absolutely true. So it should be noted that www.haunebu2.com is a site that exposes this information and does it from a Pro-America stand-point.  

  Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope to see you in the Station 11 library soon. All the best,   Flight Admiral Thomas and Crew.

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 Feel free to snoop around and if you feel the urge, by all means, come,,,join the member area and help contribute to a sovereign minded community of thinkers and creators. And above all. Please...this is history that is lost to us. Remember to  SHARE!!!SHARE!!!SHARE!!!SHARE!!!


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