PART II - In light of the curious nature of the recent California "wildfires", I wanted to...


re-visit a Facebook post that I wrote up on April 4th 2017. It was my initial reaction to, and analysis of the December 10th, 2016 (latest installment at the time) Star Wars movie, Rogue One. I didn't catch it until it came out on DvD, hence the initial post in April. That said, I promised a follow-up post and never got back to it. However, with the events of the California fires and their propensity to only burn standing homes, structures, and the like yet leave readily available fuel in the form of trees everywhere, I figured it was time to post a second part on Directed Energy Weaponry and discuss some of the recent happenings and how they might be related.

       Below is the full text of my Part One post from April 4th 2017,

 "Okay. Whew. After the initial overwhelming feeling of seeing Rogue One. There are, of course, things about it that are much deeper than the just the movie. In the very first scenario, when Krennic takes Erso in, you have the imagery of the NAZIs culling the hillside population for the best and brightest minds. And while I'm at it, how bout the name? Galen Erso. Galen. Also mimicking something NAZI. Reinhard Gehlen was the head of the Nazi eastern front's intelligence group that infiltrated Russia so deep and then became the eastern desk of OUR CIA! And another thing about Galen from the movie was that, wait for it, he was a science officer who had the know-how to complete a directed energy weapon aka The Deathstar. Then we move on to Jedha(where the Jedi originate apparently). Another similarity to reality in that the capital of Saudi Arabia is Jedda. Next is Yavin 4 Rebel Base. Well, lol, it speaks for itself. Must be Myan Country. There is the Bor Gullet which reads your mind but leaves you insane in most cases. Hints of MK Ultra. And then the test of the Deathstar on Jedha is meant to instill fear in the public. And it is an awe inspiring scene. I will give part two of my analysis tomorrow."

I figure tomorrow has finally come.

PART II - Continued

       There are researchers out there whom I respect so much that do not give me the time of day (pretty much all of them lol), but sometimes I make a call that is dead on. They usually go unnoticed, but this is one of those that I cannot let go because of it's level of importance and accuracy. I posted about Rogue One on April 4th 2017. I felt that, after seeing the movie Rogue One that there was much more to this movie(like many others) than met the eye if you will. When I say that, I do not mean it as a Transformers reference but as a warning. My initial post was not enough of a warning but I did cover the fact that showing the Death Star to a new generation was on purpose to scare them, and it was also a message from the Technocratic Elite, saying that this is what is next for the public. Just look at the nature of the California fires, the Greek fires, the Spanish fires. They are all similar in that the fires are burning structures only in most cases. Fires that are melting steel structures like plastic. Unnatural fires. So if there is a main point that I would like to get across, it is this. For some reason, evil must showcase what it is going to do. It is like an unspoken law that demons have to reveal what they are going to perpetrate upon the unsuspecting masses. We have seen it time and again. Warnings in folded up Federal Reserve notes, on television shows, in movies, the news, commercials, etc...

If the Devil mirror images everything that the Father does, then it makes sense that in order to dispense his Satanic message he would utilize Hollywood and the media networks as the avenue to do so. You still with me? I now it sounds wild but think about it. Take it to your higher power, counsel and pray about it if you think I'm wrong. I did warn everyone that Directed Energy Weapons were up next, and now look at California. Who's next? Where will the elite strike next and then tell the public that it is terrorism, or an accident, or "natural disasters"?  See ya soon,,,Thomas