The Islamic Antichrist Theory By Thomas Sparks 11/24/2018


In the Shia and Sunni belief of their Muslim book of "faith" known as The Koran, there are some 60 verses that speak about the coming of a man they call they Imam-Mahdi, or Al-Mahdi, which means (The Guided One). According to the Quran, this Mahdi will be a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, will rise in political power to conquer all other religions on the Earth, and through his hand shall come judgement and justice.  The length of time that is claimed that he will rule is what caught my attention though. This Islamic Imam-Mahdi is supposed to rule for seven years,"   (Sunan Ibn Majah, Vol. 2, Tradition No. 4085) Abu Sa'id al-Khudari(RA) narrated that the Prophet(SAW) said: Our Mahdi will have a broad forehead and a pointed (prominent) nose. He will fill the earth with justice as it is filled with injustice and tyranny. He will rule for seven years.(AlAshari 2015). Though there is debate among Islamic scholars as to whether or not their Mahdi is who is being referred to in the many verses, it is clear to most. Another author relays his understanding of it," To explain the Qur’anic stand regarding the belief in Mahdaviyat (Mahdism), numerous traditions have interpreted these verses through both Shia as well as Sunni chains of transmitters. These traditions, clearly state that these verses are about Imam Mahdi" (A.S.). (Mahdi 2016). It must be noted that both the Shia and Sunni sects of Islam believe that a powerful final figure will emerge to lead Islam to power over it's adversaries and conquer the world by fulfilling the long-held belief in a final Caliphate World State (it is my belief that they will attain it for 7 years just as the Biblical text states).  

    As a long-time researcher of the Holy Bible and all that it implies and entails, it is paramount that a deeper understanding of a "religion" that has been at best, hostile to Christianity and the western world's system and values be garnered. 

     The Islamic description of their Imam-Mahdi is a perfect description of what the Holy Bible calls the Anti-Christ. To summarize the description, this person will be a messianic figure on the world political scene, he will be a descendant of  their Prophet Muhammad, he will have unmatched leadership skills, he will enter into power through crisis and take complete control of the world system, he will establish a New World Order(if it hasn't already been established for him to hijack control of like a good terrorist), he will destroy ALL who resist him, he will invade many nations, he will garner a seven year peace treaty with Israel and the Jews, he will conquer Israel and massacre the Jews, he will set up his Islamic headquarters in Jerusalem(most likely in the rebuilt temple fulfilling the abomination that causes desolation), he will rule for seven years declaring Islam to be the only religion, he will come on a white horse exhibiting supernatural powers, and the world shall fall at his feet with adoration. Does that sound familiar to anyone? If you have read the Bible at all or went to Sunday school as a kid, you will recognize the above summary from the Koran as a perfect description of the Anti-Christ of the Holy Bible. The Koran describes him to a tee. How could this be? It is because, just as Islam does currently, this Anti-Christ will stand in direct opposition to everything that Christianity espouses. The Koran states that," The army of Satan will be led by a person who claims to be Jesus Christ."(Koran). 

    Just like the Apostle Paul warned the Thessalonians that the spirit of Anti-Christ was alive and working it's evil deeds even as he spoke the warning, the same iniquity will abound, tricking the masses into believing the lies and blasphemy that will exit from this figure's mouth. This shows that the Islamic Anti-Christ is Jesus and that the Anti-Christ of the Holy Bible is Islam's redeemer!! This can only be described as a Satanic counterfeit that is a mirror image of the truth of the matter, and a complete reversal of what the Bible teaches.


    When I first came across Walid Shubat in 2005, I was astounded at the discovery that he made. Walid Shubat is a former Palestinian terrorist that gave his heart to Jesus Christ and has since become a world renowned biblical scholar speaking about the idea that this final Islamic Mahdi is the Anti-Christ of the Bible. However, not only does he just speak about it. Mr. Shubat backs his claim up with research that he discovered. His theory is that the three supposed Greek letters in the Codex Vaticanus are not Greek at all but was a vision of the black and white symbols of the Shahada. The Shahada is the Muslim prayer that states," There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah."(Koran). It is the first of the five pillars of Islam called Tawhid and when spoken by Muslims, it displays that they acknowledge the oneness of Allah and accept Muhammad as his messenger. Again, this is a mirror image of the truth, the life, and the way of Jesus Christ's teachings but I digress. Walid Shubat has shown that not only are the Codex Vaticanus symbols Arab but that they were a vision shown to John the Revelator of an integral component to the faith that would produce this political figure known as the Anti-Christ.

The symbols in question here come from the Codex Vaticanus. The Codex Vaticanus was discovered," in 1859, the Codex Sinaiticus was discovered in Egypt, in the Monastery of Saint Catherine, by the Leipzig archaeologist Constantin von Tischendorf."(Wikipedia). The "letters" are the Greek Ki, Si, and Stigma. However, Walid Shubat, having his revelation while watching the movie Kingdom of Heaven, realized that these letters were not letters but Arabic words with the crossed sword symbol at the left end. What must be noted here is the fact that all languages of the world, when written down, are written in the direction of Jerusalem. That is to say, if  a language of any country or people is east of Jerusalem it is written from right to left, and if the language of said country or people is west of Jerusalem then it follows that when written down, it is written from left to right. If you look at the picture that have been provided, you will see what looks like a sperm cell, then a backwards looking 3 with an extra tail coming off the bottom of it, and then what is generally accepted as an X. Walid Shubat then turned the order around and in Arabic these first two symbols are actually words. The fist meaning Bis'm and the second meaning Allah. When put together you get, wait for it,,,,Bismillah or Bismala. What is the Bismillah? It means, "in the name of God"(Quran). The third symbol is clearly not an X but is most likely the famed crossed scimitar swords of countless Arab flags, schools, state houses, palaces, and is a common symbol that is found basically everywhere in the Arab speaking world.


So when the Muslim promise that one will be redeemed by Allah through the Prophet Muhammad it is literally a mirror image of the true promise of the truth, the light, and the way of Jesus Christ. A distortion that will become, and is already becoming more prevalent in the minds of the masses worldwide. It will come to the point that they will gladly rat you out and see you put to death if you are one that avoids taking the coming "mark" that publicly shows your devout Islamic allegiance. Worse yet, those that take the mark, friends, family members, colleagues, are all spiritually doomed to an eternity in Gahenna, and the lake of fire. The Koran explain that Jesus, or(The Dajal) will return to challenge this awaited Imam-Mahdi and that the Mahdi will overcome Jesus. the exact opposite of what the Holy Bible teaches us. 

"Allah is the greatest of all deceivers. " (Quran 3:54, 8:30). 

Does that sound like a trait of the Antichrist/Devil? 

"Allah is the lord of the worlds."(Quran 10:37)

By comparison the Bible states,"Satan is the God (lord) of this world." (2 Corinthians 4:3-4).

Among the 99 names of Allah, Number ten is "Al-Mutakabbir" or, The Most Proud(Koran 59:23).

Conversely, the Bible states," Satan was cast out of Heaven because of his pride." (Isaiah 14: 12-15), (Ezekiel 28:11-19).


What started as the Clinton's "Political Correctness" has led to the stage now being set. The sides have been aligning for decades and centuries but the time is finally at hand and we are witnessing one of the most tumultuous eras to ever be taking place in history. The march of Islam is loud. It is not outside the door anymore. Thanks to the Muslim sympathizer and unfortunately former president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, it has now breached the hedge of protection that America has enjoyed historically. All nations will be judged according to scripture and we are seeing it play out before our very eyes. Donald J. Trump decide to put America's interests first and look at the onslaught of Hell it brought down on he and his family. He has been a reprieve from the morass that awaits this country and the planet. Leftist policy in the U.S. has led to weak minded fools who are so wrought with self hatred and guilt for others's sins that they are more than happy to help eradicate themselves at the expense of themselves. Protesting to remove freedoms that the United States Constitution grants. It is a sickness that has been socially engineered and the next step is to accept a worldwide government that places the armies of Islam in the position of enforcement. The total invasion of Europe by Muslims and North Africans is basically complete. attack on anyone from the commoner on the street to E.U. law enforcement officials across the spectrum of European countries.


It is my contention that media has been complicit on this undercover infiltration of most western governments by Muslims. Slowly but surely they have infiltrated to a point that in the time of the actual seven years of The Great Tribulation, they will have taken over most of Europe's governments and will have most likely taken over enough of the United States hubs of power that those that do remain patriotic will have to do so in secret lest they be dragged out of their home, tried, and imprisoned. Or worse. Beheaded. Sharia Law will be the law of the land and no one will be able to question it without being dragged out of their home(if they have a home), imprisoned, and eventually publicly executed. There will be a time or times each day that everyone will be forced to worship this Islamic Anti-Christ and he will know if anyone does not do so. Furthermore, without the mark of Allah on one's right wrist or forehead (as in the pictures provided above), no one will be able to buy anything or sell anything. Previews of this are already happening. Alex Jones and have been de-platformed and their methods of getting paid for their services and products have been under assault from globalist forces. Unprecedented in this country!! All over something he did not even say. That's is how operatives work. They make claims about people that they mean to destroy without a shred of evidence. The U.S. media are propagandists from Hell. This in effect, denying Alex his right to free association in the business world and marketplace. These same forces that will see to it that this Islamic bastard seizes world power and gains full control of the world system and everyone on Earth. It will be to these elite's OWN detriment as well though I might add, as this Anti-Christ will turn on them immediately and destroy them as gratitude. Travel will be highly restricted. No one will be able to travel outside of the U.N. designated areas(compact cities) that will be set-up for human activity. Anyone attempting to exit will be summarily executed. Get used to roving bands of Islamic enforcers that can come in your homes and rape your wife and children at will. The higher ups will have their secure networks of steady human traffic for their sadistic fun and games so it may be that one does not have a family anymore because they were taken and murdered in some sickening sexual ritual. It is already happening in America now. Imagine when total lawlessness breaks out and is called justice. Imagine how strict Islam is and how it would affect everyone you know if implemented on a national/world level. For those who think ill of what I say for one reason or another, let this be the seed that is planted in your mind so that when the time comes, you will remember what I relayed here. 

See ya soon!   Thomas