Yes it has finally arrived. Get your fresh new download of the long awaited work from Haunebu II called Empire Creeping . The new material includes an array of eleven songs showcasing different mixtures of  sound, vocals, and instruments.  H2 stepped up it's game and production quality with each song being treated uniquely and recorded in house! Inspired by everything from Walter Bosley's Empire of the Wheel books to coming future changes that will make people's heads spin with disorientation! Definitely H2's best work! Click on the Paypal Link below to purchase.                                                                                                                                    $12.00 


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A little history and a few insights in terms of this song. I had a chance to see Soundgarden, but it did not work out that I was able to go. The only time I ever got to see Chris live was on his first solo tour in support of Euphoria Morning .  The date was Friday November 26th, 1999(The day after Thanksgiving of that year), and the show was at The Paramount in Seattle, Washington. I had two tickets, but ended up attending alone and giving the other ticket away to someone right before getting in.  Chris had moved to Los Angeles after a hiatus from Soundgarden and this was the first time that he had returned to Seattle on tour. It is, to this day, the most beautiful show that I have ever heard and witnessed but the most memorable thing about it was this. (And it is the reason for the name Last Bouquet.) Upon Chris walking out onto the stage,  hundreds and hundreds of people took bouquets of roses up to the stage. They came flying in from the mezzanines, showered the front of the stage, and around the floor area right down front as well. There must have been over a thousand bouquets of red roses. It was like he was a matador! It was the absolute most respect for any artist that I have ever seen and it impacted me greatly. I can still hear the echos of his voice and music. The beautiful shades of blue cast through the Paramount as he sang. I have searched for some way to pay homage to the man who is probably my biggest influence. And though I know I do not measure up in any way, my only hope is that I was able to honor him in my own unique way for I know that he is severely missed. 

Sincerely, Thomas

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