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  Sunshower is a new solo effort from Thomas Sparks that will be coming to fruition in Fall 2018. It is a project of learning, healing, and celebrating the amazing songwriting ability that Chris Cornell embodied. Yes. I understand that I am not Chris. This is not about me garnering any degree of fame from this endeavor. This is as much about everyone healing from the tragic loss of such an influential figure in so many people's lives as it is about just going out and going through the motions of playing Chris's songs. I have poured my heart into this as to breathe life into something that has the potential for greatness. Chris's songs were always very special breed to me. And learning them has always been a challenge and a pleasure. By forming Sunshower, I only hope to do them justice and my greatest hope is that the people still be able to enjoy them again in a live setting. All my love and respect for Chris. Thank you for your continued support, 

                  Thomas from Sunshower

R.I.P. Christopher John Boyle aka Chris Cornell

July 20th 1964 - May 18th 2017

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We love our fans, followers, and supporters, so look for upcoming events on the calendar below. Online or in the Santa Fe area. Do you have an event that you would like to book Sunshower for?  Just shoot an email on over or give a call to 360-670-6354.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States

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Evenings in the Park

7pm - 10pm

Estuary Park

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Evenings in the Park

We invite you to listen to live bands play beautiful music in the park. Enjoy the sounds of Laureen Davis and the Kings, and enjoy wine tastings hosted by 5th Ave Wines and Spirits.

7pm - 10pm

Estuary Park